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Meet Nikki Kaur

Nikki Kaur

A lawyer, business owner and a proud Bramptonian, Nikki Kaur is running to be the new Mayor of Brampton.  

Nikki studied psychology at York University and received her Honours Degree in Law from Britain’s prestigious City Law School at the University of London.

After graduating, Nikki brought her talents back home where she opened her own law practice and also worked for the City of Brampton as a Director of Planning.

Nikki has been advocating for Brampton for many years. In her law practice, she helps Bramptonians navigate the legal system in the areas of family, criminal and real estate law.  In her role with the City and in speaking truth to power, Nikki stood up for every taxpayer in 2021 to demand better from City Hall.

When Nikki saw that the City Hall needed to do better by our community, she decided to run for Mayor to deliver better results for the taxpayers and residents of Brampton.

Bramptonians want a city that is safer, cleaner and that demonstrates respect for taxpayers.

Bramptonians want a City Hall that works for the people.

Bramptonians want a city that fosters entrepreneurship, creativity and unity.

Bramptonians want to see accountability, transparency and integrity in the Mayor’s office.

That’s why Nikki Kaur is running for Mayor of Brampton.  She’s running to deliver results for Brampton’s families, business owners and taxpayers.

Nikki Kaur. For Mayor. For You

Nikki Kaur