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Crime and Safety

A Nikki Kaur administration is committed to making Brampton a safer community for our children, family, seniors and small businesses.

Not a day goes by without Brampton making the news for another violent crime on our streets.

After years of lip-service at City Hall, I have a plan to make our city safer for families:

In my first one hundred days in office, I commit to bringing to Regional Council, a motion for a full review of our police services budget and to immediately put on our streets 100 new officers.

A Kaur administration commits to bringing back Brampton’s Neighbourhood Watch program to make sure that Bramptonians feel safer in their homes, and on our streets. But this time, it will be innovative and reflect the fact we are in 2022!

As Mayor, I will lead the fight against the spread of gang activity and syndicated criminal rings now operating freely in Brampton. We need to fight these organized criminals head on, and we need the proper intelligence and tactical officers to do it.

Crime flourishes in areas of cities that lack investment.

We simply cannot invite crime into our city.


Brampton needs new hospitals and testing facilities urgently and to end hallway medicine once and for all.

Bramptonians shouldn’t have to leave town to get their necessary treatments.

A Nikki Kaur administration will immediately get to work with the province, to accelerate the Peel Memorial Hospital expansion needed urgently and get a third hospital built in Brampton.

Health care is to become a priority under my leadership, following three difficult years caused by irresponsible politicians inside City Hall – who refused to make local investments in your health.

I will get the hospital beds our citizens need, and will not accept any plans that fall far short of the investment Brampton taxpayers deserve.

A Nikki Kaur administration will put an end to hallway medicine in Brampton.

Housing Affordability

Bramptonians need affordable housing now.

A Nikki Kaur administration will immediately initiate an audit to begin removing the unnecessary regulations and the red tape that is slowing down building and increasing costs to home buyers.

Patrick Brown has done nothing to address the crisis facing young families, students and seniors across Brampton.

I will introduce Inclusionary Zoning, to force more affordable housing and better housing to meet the needs of Brampton residents and will work directly with our intergovernmental partners to finally secure a fair-share of funding for housing.

I will work with the building and development community to allow them to help Brampton meet its housing needs and cut through the red tape that slows the process and often keeps investors away.

Supportive Housing

Vulnerable populations need supportive housing.

A Nikki Kaur administration will audit all land and vacant buildings belonging to the City to address this need.

A Nikki Kaur administration will work with support organizations to build 1000 new supportive housing units.

Property Taxes

A Nikki Kaur administration will freeze property taxes for the next two years.

Bramptonians pay enough.

A Nikki Kaur administration will avoid tax increases by getting rid of the waste and mismanagement of Brampton’s tax dollars.

Reinstatement of the 10-Year Capital Budget

Patrick Brown cancelled the 10-year capital budgeting process – denying Brampton critical funding available from the provincial and federal government.

Within our first 100 days, a Nikki Kaur administration will bring a motion to council to immediately reinstate the 10-year capital budgeting process so Brampton can start accessing its fair share now and build needed infrastructure in Brampton.

Financial Accountability & Transparency

Bramptonians need accountability and transparency as to how our tax dollars are being spent.

 A Nikki Kaur administration will immediately work to strengthen Brampton’s conflict of interest provisions and put an end to the unaccountable practices plaguing the current Mayor’s office.

And in our first 100 days, a Nikki Kaur administration will bring a motion to council to have the provincial auditors do a full review of the state of Brampton’s finances to put Brampton back on the right track.


Bramptonians are stuck in gridlock.

As Mayor, I pledge to get Brampton moving again. We need rapid transit options for residents.

 A Nikki Kaur administration will immediately begin work with our provincial and federal partners to accomplish the goals set out in the 2040 vision and get shovels in the ground in the next two years.

I will work with the Province collaboratively to ensure two-way/all day GO comes to Brampton.

I will work with the Province collaboratively to ensure Highway 413 is built.

Street Parking

I hear everyday at the doorstep of Brampton residents that the on-street parking situation is out of control. We have all seen it.

Cars are lined as far as the eye can see up and down our residential streets. Driveways have six cars on them and front yards are being used to fit even more vehicles.

I have a solution that focuses on two initiatives:

First, I will triple the by-law department by redeploying employees from parts of City Hall that are over-staffed.

Second, as a Director for the City of Brampton I know which departments have too much waste, and these employees can easily be re-trained to finally put an end to Brampton's parking problem.

Support for Brampton Business and Investment

A Nikki Kaur administration will engage the business community with an open door policy in the Mayor’s Office.

 I will bring an unprecedented level of service to the business community.

 My administration will make smart investments to retrofit the city so savings will be felt for decades. Unlike Patrick Brown, our investments will be targeted and smart, accessing billions of dollars from Ottawa and Queen’s Park that Brown could not and will not secure because he is persona non-grata at every level of government.

 Patrick Brown refused to raise the required local contributions for investments in healthcare, crime prevention and infrastructure – meaning Bramptonians were left out of funding from higher levels of government. I will put a stop to this so Brampton gets its fair share back from the hard-earned tax dollars we send to Ottawa and Queen’s Park.

‘Strong Mayor’ Powers

Brampton will never get ‘Strong Mayor’ powers from the Province as long as Patrick Brown is at the helm. But Brampton needs ‘Strong Mayor’ powers to keep property taxes low.

 A Nikki Kaur administration will use ‘Strong Mayor’ powers to hire the best staff and reorganize divisions to make up for lost revenue and find efficiencies.

Post-Secondary Education

Bramptonians deserve to have access to world-class post-secondary education.

I strongly value the strong presence and commitment of the postsecondary institutions right here in Brampton that we are all so proud of.

As Mayor, I will work openly and transparently with the Province to enhance Brampton’s post-secondary footprint.

And just recently, Patrick Brown was unable to secure the relocation of the University of Guelph-Humber (UofGH) north Etobicoke campus to Brampton. This is an unacceptable failure. A Nikki Kaur administration commits to bringing world-class post-secondary options to Bramptonians.

Job Creation in Brampton

Tens of thousands of Bramptonians leave the city daily to go to work. There should be good paying and sustainable jobs right here in Brampton. A Nikki Kaur administration will build a community in which Bramptonians can both live and work. This will mean more precious time spent with family and friends as well as huge savings on transportation costs.